Welcome to my pink, fluffy world!

No longer is pink confined to under little girls! No, we're the revolution, ladies who are hot, sex, fabulous and not afraid to wear pink in our hearts and on our sleeves! Wear your glitter girl and shiiiine!

The new WADB

   Okay, okay maybe it's the season but wheels and doll baby are gone! Old news, so enter www.pinupgirlclothing.com! Hardly a newcomer to the market but everything I bought from WADB I can now get from this site. This dress is so cute and stood out to me as a pink lover!

Too hot to handle, too cold to hold!!

Wow.. welcome to the world of Tiffany & Co. Celebration rings!
Mix and match for the look that suits you best! Even if your budget
won't stretch to these little beauties the design tool is so much fun! x

Wheels & Doll Baby, obvious choice for my first post of pure luuurve! however I was really disappointed with their website right now! No pinks, barely any brights. This is my favourite dress, purely because diamonds ARE a girls best friend. I love sexy looks but there's none of the 50's inspired sex siren looks of years past. All I see is W&DB trying to be trendy, I even saw a huge over size sweater from them on ASOS.com, gutted!

Hello Ladies!

Hey honey's! Things have to change! We all love pink, sequins, sparkles etc etc... thing is not all of us are honest about it and not all of us dress to please ourselves! I say forget what people might label you as, let Barbie be your Goddess and worship her, hell she's a career woman too and not many girls that fabulous can say that! I'm sick of searching through the web for one website with all my girlie fashion idea's. I think I may be an extremist but I really don't like anything dull and boyish... they look good on some people but not on me and I want an option too! So.. until Jordan decides to make women's clothes (not just equestrian) I thought I'd help myself and make this blog!
Hollllla X X X